A successful businessman, now facing imminent bankruptcy, takes his family to Punjab, India in search of a suitable husband for their young daughter. Journey back home restores his faith in his culture and its old-world values and wisdom. Ancient treasures buried in the dilapidating mud walls of his ancestral home uncovers wealth beyond his imagination.       


Inspired by the true story Pakhar Singh

He fights for the rights of the poor and downtrodden. Becomes a hero to the Mexican farm workers and inspires the young Cesar Chavez to continue their cause and raise their voice against exploitation by the White Farmers of Imperial Valley.  Set during the early 1900’s.


Based on and inspired by true stories

Group of young men and women from India and Nepal with life changing dreams, trek through South and Central America with the aid of smugglers, gangsters and Mexican mafia in the hopes of reaching America. On their arduous journey they face hardships, pains and sorrows that they did not bargain for.  Will they reach the land of their dreams and at what price?


Based on true life stories of those who leave Punjab, India to study on student visas in Canada

They come with dreams, aspirations and hopes to change their lives and build a better future, for themselves and their families back home. They arrive in Canada as students. But, what they find is the reality of a student’s life in Canada as they are lead into unfathomable hardships. Drugs, gangs and prostitution becomes a way for survival for them.   


True Story

Arrival of the Kamagata Maru on the shores of British Columbia in 1914 leads to some of the most dramatic and historically significant events in Canadian, British and Indian history. A trial, espionage, rebellion and murders take place on land and sea as the ship is forced to sit for 8 months in the harbor with desperate and destitute passengers awaiting their fate.  Through an act of defiance, Mewa Singh, a simple, hard-working temple priest becomes the hero of this tragedy.

KALA PANI – Unsung Heroes

Inspired by and based on true stories of defiance and courage

The Notorious Cellular Jail set up by the British on the remote Andaman and Nicobar Islands, to incarcerate the most dreaded criminals. Changing tides in India bring a new set of prisoners to the jail. Freedom fighters who defy British Rule and refuse to be their subjects.  Set during the early 1900’s. A true test of courage, bravery and unflinching devotion to the motherland. Heavily chained and caged like animals, their voice for freedom echoed throughout the dreaded prison.

THE WELL within


How deep is your fear?

Inhabitants of an ancient “Well” that sits capped under a hillside mansion, awaken to unleash their terror on the unwitting guests to an impromptu party.

When the ancient spirits of the land are disrespected and old treaties are broken, then there is no escape from “The Well” of ancient spirits.

Feature film - English

Writer and Director Kavi Raz

REDeMPTION: Journey Home

A powerful, gritty gangster drama, sweeping love story and an epic journey of revelations.

Present unravels the past, so the future can be saved.

A wealthy businessman, returns to his village in Northern India after 30 years, under compelling reasons; to save his son’s life from a hardened and notorious gang.

His journey back home, unravels the dark side of his own past and a final showdown that was over a quarter century in the making.

A feature film and a 10-part series – English, Hindi and Punjabi

Writer and Director Kavi Raz