PRESS RELEASE                           FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                  26th June, 2016


Fateh Entertainment Production in Association with Kavi Raz Studios

Punjabi film shot in USA, Canada and Mexico

Releasing Worldwide on 22nd July 2016

After a hard night of merriment and partying, three Canadian friends come across the border to America to buy milk. A common practice among Canadians, in particular Indo-Canadian, to purchase cheaper groceries on the South side of the border.

Joined by a fourth friend from Bellingham, they embark on an accidental and yet, life changing journey.   

Their journey, takes on hilarious and at times heart wrenching overtones as old wounds resurface, relationships questioned, forgotten friends reconnected and life examined.

What was meant to be a short sojourn across the border takes them down the iconic Freeway 5 that spans the West Coast from Canada to Mexico. For the friends a journey of a lifetime.

First road movie in Punjabi

First Punjabi film made by a HOLLYWOOD STUDIO

Film stars, Sunny Boparai, Raj Sandhu, Aman Dhaliwal, Baaz Lalia and Mannu Sandhu  

Raj Sandhu, a native of Hoshiarpur India, has been residing in Canada for the last several years and has devoted his life to learning the craft of acting.

He divides his time between Mumbai and Los Angeles. In Mumbai he attended the famed, Kishore Namit Kapoor acting academy

In Hollywood he continues to hone his acting chops under the tutelage of Kavi Raz.

For Raj, acting is a serious business. He believes in learning and continually growing as an actor. He stays rooted to his Punjabi culture while continuing to pursue a career in Bollywood and hopefully one day Hollywood.

His role in Highway 5 is tailor made for Raj, the well-rounded actor who believes in challenging himself and taking risks.       

Highawy 5 is produced by Jassy Boparai USA based businessman and cinema aficionado. His love for his culture and language is what propelled him to produce this quality driven film and sign Kavi Raz to write and helm the project.      

Written and Directed by multi-award winning Hollywood based filmmaker Kavi Raz, HIGHWAY 5 will surely be a new experience in Punjabi cinema.

Kavi Raz is a veteran of the Hollywood film industry where he has acted in over 250 films and TV shows. He has worked with the likes of Denzel Washington and many other Hollywood Stars and directors in a career that spans over thirty years. He is also the writer and director of the much awaited Hollywood film The Black Prince.  

Featuring music by Bollywood stars, Daler Mehndi, Raja Hasan, Labh Janjua and from super star Salman Khan’s film Prem Rattan Dhan Paeyo, Palak Mucchal

Shot by Hollywood crew, in USA, Canada and Mexico, Highway 5 is an allegorical film shot on and epic scale     

Director of Photography Aaron C. Smith